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In the 1980s when the Irish civil conflict was at its most treacherous, 22 year old Martin McGartland was recruited by the British police to infiltrate and spy on the IRA. He lived his life under constant threat of exposure and subsequent guaranteed torture and death yet he continued because his information saved many lives. He enjoyed the buzz until one day he was discovered and had to escape against all odds. Inspired by a true story, to this day he is on the run.


Writer/Director: Kari Skogland
Production Companies: Brightlight Pictures Inc.
Future Films
Handmade Films
Executive Producers: Nicole Carmen-Davis
Guy Collins
Kyle Lundberg
Stephen Margolis
Producers: Stephen Hegyes
Shawn Williamson
Peter La Terriere
Cast:Jim Sturgess
Sir Ben Kingsley
Rose McGowan
Kevin Zegers

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