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The Possession


Inspired by true events, THE POSSESSION is the terrifying story of how one family begins to experience inexplicable and frightening episodes after buying an antique box at a yard sale. Most disturbing of all, the youngest daughter seems to have formed a dark obsession with the unusual antique. The family discovers the horrific secret of the box, that it was originally made to contain a dibbuk; a dislocated spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host. Fearing for the life of their daughter, the family must race against the clock to vanquish the dibbuk and save their child.


Directors: Ole Bornedal
Writers: Juliet Snowden
Stiles White
Executive Producers: Peter Schlessel
Stan Wertlieb
Nathan Kahane
Producers: Sam Raimi
Rob Tapert
Co-Producers: Stephen Susco
J.R. Young
Nicole Brown
Kelli Konop
Cast:Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Kyra Sedgwick
Line Producer:Shawn Williamson

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