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Jones (Elijah Wood) is a seventeen year old who decides to skip college and become a writer against his mother’s wishes. Attempting to learn as much from life as he can, Jones rents a room at a boarding house where he meets and becomes involved with a struggling actress, Lisa (Mandy Moore) and a photographer, Jane (Franka Potente). When Jane gets into a car accident and an ex-boyfriend comes to take care of her, Jones realizes how strong his feelings are and enlists his strange neighbour, Brad (Aaron Pearl) to help win Jane’s love.


Director:Jeffrey Porter
Production Companies: Millennium Films Inc
Emmett/Furla Films
Producers: Mike Elliott
Randall Emmett
George Furla
John Thompson
Michelle Weisler
Holly Weirsma
Line Producer: Shawn Williamson
Cast:Elijah Wood
Franka Potente
Mandy Moore

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