In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds
In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds

In the Name of the King: Two Worlds


A cloaked female WIZARD runs through a forest, being chased by assassins who are dressed in medieval clothing and who wear dark war face paint. She manages to expertly kill them all with her fighting knives and explosive alchemy.

We follow her as she desperately makes her way through the woods, which are part of a large, modern-day park. A city sits in the background. This is Vancouver of today. The wizard, Elianna the Powerful, has come to our world to save the life of one man.

In this, the second world of In The Name of The King: Two Worlds. Our hero, Granger, is a modern, ex-military operative who finds himself thrust into a war that has crossed the fabric of time.

Pulled back into Elianna’s medieval era by her ancient magic, Granger discovers the first world’s denizens revere him as the prophetic saviour of their world – the one who will lead them into salvation and save them from a deadly civil war that threatens their existence.

A sexy, action-filled adventure, In The Name of The King: Two Worlds pits a modern warrior’s formidable skills against cunning villains, timeless sorcery, and the merciless aggression of primordial beasts.

His greatest foe will be time itself as he races to save the first world before its destruction threatens his own.


Director: Uwe Boll
Executive Producers: Dale A. Andrews
Uwe Boll
Karyn Edwards
Jonathan Shore
Shawn Williamson
Producer: Dan Clarke
Cast:Dolph Lundgren
Natassia Malthe

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