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Michigan sophomore Amy Ryan (Chiara Zanni) is finally on her own (no parents, no R.A.s) and able to choose who to spend her days (and nights) with. Excited about getting away from her overly protective Mom, Amy goes off to college - only to find that her new dorm is an uninhabitable sty. Effectively homeless and desperately seeking new housing, Amy winds up renting a room in a house shared by the sexy Jason (Jesse Hutch) and his interesting, testosterone-fuelled buddies - but the filthy conditions and the gross-out boys club ambience are starting to get to her...too bad Jason makes the back of her knees sweat when he smiles...and the other guys ain't hard on the eyes, either.

Well, college is *supposed* to be about choices...right? Right?


Director:Various (Episodic)
Executive Producers:Stephen Hegyes
Tim O’Donnell
Shawn Williamson
Producers:Cynthia Chapman
Cast:Chiara Zanni
Jesse Hutch
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