TV Feature - Gone



AMY FRANKLIN, a divorced mother and nurse, still suffers from the trauma she endured from a sexual assault that destroyed her marriage. Her ex-husband DAVID doesn't think she is stable enough to raise their daughter EMILY and he is trying to get sole custody. One day, upon discovering that her daughter EMILY has mysteriously disappeared from school, Amy receives an anonymous phone call instructing her to kill BORDEN, a patient recently admitted into the hospital where Amy works, if she desires Emily's safe return. Amy fails to kill Borden and instead finds her own life in danger when she learns that influenza vaccines are being sold on the black market during an epidemic.


Director:Grant Harvey
Excutive Producers:Dan Paulson
Shawn Williamson
Producer:Jamie Goehring
Cast:Molly Parker
Lochlyn Munro
Susan Hogan
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