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Jason and his best friend Lee are pursued into a swirling vortex and emerge in Stormworld: a parallel universe where the flotsam and jetsam from countless worlds washes up - apparently randomly and without reason. It is a world of three suns, mind-distorting storms and wild coastlines. It is a hostile environment where drinkable water is precious and food is limited.

The boys are rescued by Flees and her pedantic companion, Ogee. Flees has one of the few serviceable watercrafts on Stormworld and she grudgingly volunteers to take these two latest ‘access crashers’ to the Settlement; a small community trying to create civilization and order against the forces of nature and scavengers like the flybike mounted Drogue.

There are divisions and confrontations within the Settlement; raids by the Drogue; a quest to find Flees’ lost father; and the tantalizing legend of the Island of the Abiders. The storylines range from the determinedly race of self-reliant Arkoddians to the enigmatic Khelioz the Navigator.

But there is one constant in the lives of Jason, Lee and almost everyone on Stormworld: the search for a way home.


Directors:Mark DeFriest
Ted McQueen-Mason
Executive Producers: Ian Hogg
Shawn Williamson
Producers: Paul Barron
Stephen Hegyes
Cast:Valentina Barron
Andrew Jenkins
Kay Tong Lim
Calum Worthy

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